AVG changes their privacy policy.

We know some of you use AVG, one of the most popular antivirus apps on the internet. They have been around in the US since 1998, and they started as a free antivirus solution. Around 2006 they added AVG Internet Security is a full suite which brings together the AVG Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, LinkScanner, Anti-Rootkit, Web Shield, Security Toolbar, Firewall, Anti-Spam, Identity Protection and System Tools protection components.

The basic AVG antivirus is still free, and we recommend this component of AVG only if you have a Kibosh router. Using the free version you’ll have to put up with AVG ads trying to get you to upgrade to the full Internet Security suite, but it’s a good app and free.

The AVG Web Shield component is what we are focused on here today. When enabled all of your data goes through AVG servers: passwords, banking sites, skype, etc. To do this they install their own root certificate ala superfish to allow HTTPS interception and decryption of all web browser traffic. I repeat all of your web browsing: passwords, search terms, websites, voip, etc.

AVG is changing their privacy policy on Oct 15. The new policy, which takes effect on October 15, makes clear that AVG will collect non-personal data such as “Browsing and search history, including meta data.” AVG says it collects this data “to make money from our free offerings so we can keep them free.”

Note that they state “non-personal data”.  However your internet usage data is useless to advertisers without that data being associated to an entity, i.e. that statement is suspect.

Kudos to AVG for stating their policy in plain words we can all understand, and if you trust AVG with all of your data, and you trust they will not sell your data and your personal information – which they have if you are using Web Shield, then no worries.

Kibosh router owners only need to use the free antivirus component of AVG, that’s it. The Kibosh Web Filtering Service does your web filtering, spyware and malware blocking, ad & tracking site blocking and pornographic website blocking – all without tracking our personal data.


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